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I feel more comfortable sharing my story, which is personal to me, without 'oversharing' but still being relevant to other people.

It's helped me connect with my followers and stay active. I think that's how I've gained followers even when I'm not posting often. Browsing other WLS accounts posts and stories not only gives me inspiration but, a quick comment and let my followers know I'm still around.

Dominique offers a truly customized service with materials that offer a multitude of benefits. This isn't a cookie-cutter service that applies to only certain brands. It's a new frame of mind."

— Jasmine Shepard, Jaded Bariatric

"I launched my website! Most of the content was not complete before our session and I was able to complete a solid enough draft to launch. I also feel more confident in building the content for my Instagram.

Dominique really understands what it's like to be in the client's shoes. She developed a workshop method that is low-barrier and easy to navigate. I felt like I didn't need to put in a ton of extra energy and effort, but received excellent results.

Dominique really cares about your success, whatever that may look like for you, so it's easy to trust her in this process. She's talented and knows what she's doing."

— Jessica Bondalapati, Gracie Apothecary


"I have a clearer understanding of the origins of my business and how to share it with my potential clients. I have more of a focus on what I want to say about my business.

I would recommend Dominique to people starting a new business who need help identifying what their online presence should look like. I would also recommend it to business owners looking to revamp and relaunch their business after realizing they need to elevate their business."

— Dana Prater, Organize Your Oasis


"I have more confidence on camera! In general, I learned to put more time in preparation leading up to on-camera interviews. I would recommend Dominique to someone just getting started or who has a desire to do interviews or film courses or tutorials."

— Toni McCoy, Real McCoy Virtual Solutions

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