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Strategy Session

Tired of missing out on opportunities to grow your audience, authority, & income?
Let’s extract, organize, & strategize your brand’s story in 2 hours.
You believe you have a powerful story to share but you don’t know how to do it without feeling like you're rambling or oversharing.
You want to share the expertise & experience you gained with your audience but feel overwhelmed by the idea of crafting or sharing your story.
Who could blame you?!
You wear enough hats! You don’t have time to add another as you search for the perfect words to explain who you are & what you do for your audience.

You'd rather spend your time showing up for your clients, family, friends, and yourself.

You're ready to position yourself as an expert now — not months, years, stress, and tears from now...

but you’re frustrated thinking it’ll take too long to craft a brand story that’s authentic to you and irresistible to your audience.

You’re a visionary who wants to make a name for yourself...

but you’re concerned that in order to effectively share your experiences, you’ll have to share all your business too.

You want to share your experience with your audience...

but you worry your story isn’t interesting or unique enough.


You’ve tried growing a community around your brand...

but you’re not sure how to consistently show up and put your business out there.

And you're unsure if connecting with your audience on a deeper, more personal level will be worth the effort.


Grabbing your audience’s attention, keeping them interested in what you have to offer them, & growing your audience starts with sharing your story!

I’m here to show you how to extract, organize, strategize, and share your unique story to grow your audience and your business.

Storytelling Strategy Session

for entrepreneurs, content marketers, & creators who want to connect with and grow their audiences (or their clients’ audiences) using the power of storytelling

Book your session below!

Investment: Starts at $750


Imagine the impact you could make if…

  • You were prepared for every "so what do you do?" conversation.
  • You knew exactly how to adjust your message for every situation.
  • You were able to grow your target audience consistently.
  • You could finally make your mark on your industry or niche.
  • You were finally able to balance running your business and growing it.

Imagine what your business would look like if…

  • your audience genuinely connected with your brand through your social media, email newsletters, & video content,
  • your website drew people in because they felt understood by the person behind it,
  • your presentations & pitch decks felt more like coversations,
  • your workshops, courses, & programs flowed naturally from beginning to end,
  • your branding & marketing materials made it crystal clear what your brand is about and what you stand for,
  • in every relationship-building opportunity, you felt confident enough to show off your best asset — you!
And imagine reaching your income goals all because you decided to intentionally share yourself & your story with you audience.

What People Are Saying

I enjoyed our conversation and how easily it flowed. 
I didn’t have a brand story until Dominique helped me break it down and understand what my story was. She asked questions that really made me think about what my purpose was.

You have to be prepared to share and to get out of your own way.

You can’t think about what you’re going to say. You just need to talk and trust that she’s not going to use anything that will harm your brand. 

I trusted her with helping me to find and develop my story, it connected the dots for my brand.

Danielle Huey
Client Experience Coach & Consultant

Storytelling Strategy Session

During your 2-hour session, we’ll…

Extract the parts of your story that make you & your business stand out. 
Organize your expertise & experiences into a story map that can be tweaked as your goals or needs change.
Strategize how you’ll share your story to reach, connect with, & grow your audience full of dream clients and repeat customers.
Book your session below!

Investment: Starts at $750

Sounds like me

What People Are Saying

I feel so clear about what I'm doing. I was really struggling. 
It's not just a "brand" story, it's a purpose statement for me, too.

I can very easily explain it to guests coming on the program and in business circles.

As we grow the podcast audience, I know it’ll be a really integral part of our messaging.

Dom is a really wonderful, authentic, and relatable coach that creates a safe space so you can immediately get to that vulnerable place where you’re telling your real story and getting to the meat of your messaging.

Lori Jo Vest

Podcast Host

Strategy Session


  • A 2-hour strategy session with Dominique

  • A recording of your session

  • 30 Days of email support

  • Any additional resources discussed

Book your session below!

Investment: Starts at $750

After your Storytelling Strategy Session, you’ll be able to…

  • Clearly articulate who you are & what you do with your ideal clients and customers.

  • Build a name for yourself as an authority & go-to person in your industry or niche.

  • Choose the right way to share your story with your audience whether they’re potential clients, employees, or investors.

  • Feel more confident & prepared to represent yourself and your business.

  • Have less stress & more time to focus on your business or your personal life.

Book your session below!

Investment: Starts at $750


Is a Storytelling Strategy Session right for you?

This service is for you if…
  • You're an established entrepreneur or content marketer or creator who supports them.

  • You freeze every time someone says, “So tell me about yourself and your business.”

  • You’re frustrated and tired of trying to implement more structure and consistency in your marketing efforts.

  • You know your target audience well but you’re not sure how to effectively use storytelling to reach them.

  • You constantly feel scattered and stretched thin because you feel like you have to show up everywhere and learn everything.

  • You know sharing your expertise along with your experiences can change your audience’s life (and your business) but you need someone to help you figure out which parts to share.

  • You want to be able to explain your vision to potential clients, employees, and investors without feeling like you are oversharing.

  • You want to be known as a go-to person in your niche so you can gain more speaking engagements and other opportunities.

  • Personal connections are more important to you than follower/subscriber count and likes.

  • You’re open to trying new strategies and willing to put real effort behind them for at least 90 days.

  • You prefer a collaborative, hands-on approach where you get to work alongside a storytelling professional over being told how to figure it out yourself.

This service is not for you if…
  • Your business is still new or in the idea phase.

  • You don’t know your audience well yet.

  • You have no interest in sharing your personal story and prefer a neutral, faceless brand.

  • You’re not passionate about what you do or you started your business purely because it would be profitable.

  • You’re hesitant to leave your comfort zone, take direction, or show up for your business.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or fast results.

  • You prefer a hands-off approach where all the work is done with little input from you—even in the early stages.

Hey Storyteller, I'm Dominique & I believe your story is worth sharing!

As a Brand Storytelling Coach, I help entrepreneurs, content marketers, and creators become more confident storytellers so they can grow their audiences (and their clients’ audiences).


I’m also an advertising creative, content creator, and entrepreneur with a passion for using storytelling to make life (and business) less stressful and more enjoyable.


As an ad creative, I’ve spent over a decade studying brand stories and finding opportunities to share them in as many ways as possible for some well-known national brands.

As a Self Acceptance & Color Therapy Coach, I’ve been sharing my personal story to help people reimagine their lives so they feel good about themselves for over 8 years.


But despite storytelling being such a huge part of my personal and professional life, even I initially struggled with sharing my own story.

Through my experiences with sharing my own story, I quickly noticed a huge gap between what works for large, corporate brands and what works for small, personal brands: ones often run by small teams, and even teams of one.

I know how valuable it is to create a space where our audiences can feel comfortable trusting us with some of the most intimate parts of their lives  — parts that often require deep levels of honesty, vulnerability, and transparency in order to seek help or support. 

And I understand how difficult it can be to clearly share that vulnerability in a way that tells your audience what you do, helps you build a meaningful relationship with them, and turns them into loyal clients and repeat customers.

For this reason, I decided to combine what I know and what I love to teach entrepreneurs, content marketers, and creators everything I know about the superpower of sharing your story to connect with and grow your audience!

What People Are Saying

 I feel more inspired to serve my ideal customers and to put myself out there.

I also appreciate your realness. I feel like you are being yourself & that makes me feel comfortable with being me.

Dawn Whitehorn
Shamanic Healing Practitioner


Where can I share my brand story?
You can share your story
  • in your visual and video content,
  • on any social media platform (in any format),
  • in your emails and newsletters, 
  • on your website and landing pages, 
  • in your presentations, interviews, or pitches,
  • in your workshops, courses, or coaching programs,
  • in your branding and marketing materials,
  • and in any other relationship-building opportunity you find yourself in!

How long is the Storytelling Strategy Session?We’ll spend a total of 2 hours together.
How do I need to prepare for the Storytelling Strategy Session?
As soon as you book your spot, you’ll receive an email to help you prepare for your session.
Aside from that, be prepared to talk!
And remember, you are more than your business.
The better I understand who you are as a person, the better we can work together to determine the best way to share your brand with your audience.
 Do you offer any other storytelling services? I need help sharing my story too?
Yes! I also offer a VIP Day. You’ll be eligible to take part in it after your Storytelling Strategy Session.
Can I bring a team member to my Storytelling Strategy Session?
No. I know from experience that once the gates holding your memories are opened, people tend to share things they may not want to share with their team or their audience.

Anything you share during your story deep dive stays between us. What you choose to share with your audience team is up to you!

With that said, you will receive a recording of our session together.

Will you write my brand story for me?
No. During the Storytelling Strategy Session, we’ll focus on creating a strategy around the story you share and how you’ll share it with your audience.
What happens if I still need help after our session together?
After your session, you’ll receive 30 days of email support.
Do you offer refunds?
No, I do not offer refunds. If you have questions or are unhappy with our time together, let me know so we can work together to fix it!
I have another question, how do I get in touch with you?
Email me at

What People Are Saying

I launched my website!
Dominique really understands what it's like to be in the client's shoes. And really cares about your success, whatever that may look like for you.

I have a lot more confidence in my brand & how that is shared with my community.

I also feel more confident in building the content for my Instagram.

Jessica Bondalapati

Herbal Apothecary
I won a big-for-me proposal.

I now have some tools to craft useful stories to promote my brand.

Let's clone you.

Holly Helterhoff
Technical Writer
It's a fun learning experience.
I've been able to feel more comfortable about sharing my story (which is personal to me) without ‘oversharing' but still being relevant to other people.

It's helped me connect with my followers & stay active even when I'm not posting often.

Dominique’s concern and reminders about what to share & not to share was very helpful.

Jasmine Shepard

Body Positivity Blogger

Strategy Session

Book your session below!

Investment: Starts at $750

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