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How to Create Great Content (By Yourself) | Show & Tell Academy

Updated: Jan 28

Being creative SHOULD be fun! But what happens when your creative ideas are bigger than what you’re able to do at the moment?

Three polaroids photos of Dominique. She is looking into a turquoise purse in one. She is looking at her phone while in front of turquoise curtains in the next. And she is holding a fuzzy, turquoise pillow in the third. There is also the text, "How To Create Great Content (By Yourself)"

When it comes to my color therapy content, I always wanted to find all the [insert color] I possibly can and create elaborate colorful worlds with it.

But it turns out, pulling out all the stops is exhausting, time-consuming, and can be expensive for someone creating all their own content. It also meant taking a lot of photos when I wasn’t that great at photography yet. I still have a long way to go but I know some tricks.

So here’s how do you take good photos when you’re not that good at it yet!

A light blue lantern sitting on a white surface.

Step 1: Decide what you want to shoot. You want to aim for something relevant to your brand or post copy.

A screenshot of "candle lantern photography" inspiration from Unsplash.

Step 2: Search for inspiration. You’ll need to study the lighting and composition of the photos you like.

Two light blue lanterns with one in front of the other. Both have lit, orange tealight candles inside. There are 3 unlit, orange tealight candles sitting beside one of the lanterns.

Step 3: Shoot your shot! And keep shooting it. You can only get better from here!

Step 4: Keep it simple!

#4 is probably the most important! It used to be easy to say, “I just need a more developed creative process!” But it turns out I really needed a simpler one! Sometimes we think templates, plans, and systems will solve all our problems.

When really we need to scale back, be more flexible and allow those ideas to evolve. So sure I could have create an even more detailed creative process and gave myself even more time (that I genuinely didn’t have).

OR I could do things like:

- Wear the same outfit the entire shoot.

- Shoot everything in one room.

- Change my poses.

- Or change my props.

Four images of the 3 Polaroids of Dominique with the color turquoise. In each photo, there are 3 arrows and text explaining how to keep it simple. 1) same outfit. 2) same room. 3) different props: turquoise bag & shoes, turquoise curtains, turquoise pillow. 4) seated with body slightly turned, looking down. standing, body facing camera, head slightly turned, looking to side. standing, body facing camera, looking at camera, relaxed face.

I’m sharing this with you because I know you work hard enough actually running your business. And even if your business IS creating content, I’m sure you’d rather be able to enjoy the process and then get back to living your life!

What else would you like to know about visual storytelling? Let me know in the comments!

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