Share your story, increase sales, boost your income, and grow an audience full of loyal clients (& repeat customers).

You know you have a powerful story full of impactful experiences and lessons to share with your audience, but you’re tired of waiting for the right words (and time) to come to you so you can share it.
Instead of showing up for your audience, you end up constantly…
  • Trying to come up with things to say on the fly.
  • Spending too much time being a creator instead of an owner.
  • Changing your plans to keep up with every new trend you see.
  • Feeling lost, hidden, or invisible in your own business.
  • Hoping your brand blows up so you can finally grow your audience.
Does this sound like you?
The best brands in the world all have one thing in common — great storytelling.
Unsurprisingly, 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel more like stories.
And it just so happens in order to grab people’s attention, keep them interested in what you have to offer, and grow your audience starts with sharing your story!


With A Story

for entrepreneurs & content creators who want to become confident storytellers

This is a consulting service for entrepreneurs & content creators:

Who are ready to make deeper connections with their audiences using the art of storytelling.

Who need help clearly sharing their brand messaging & story so they can build relationships with their audience.

And who help their clients

(& customers) add balance, joy,

and wellness to their lives.


Investment: Starts at $7,000

(Payment plan available)

Custom packages are also available.


Imagine the impact you could make if…

  • You always knew exactly what to say to your audience.
  • You didn't have to have those awkward "so what do you do?" conversations.
  • You took back control of your time to focus on what you do best.
  • You were able to consistently connect with your target audience.
  • You didn’t have to start from scratch every time there was a new trend.
  • You could finally make your mark on your industry or niche.
Everyone has a powerful story to share and I believe your story is worth sharing. 

Imagine what your business could look like if…

  • your audience genuinely connected with your brand through your social media, email newsletters, & video content,
  • your website & landing pages drew people in because it felt like a real person was behind it,
  • your pitch decks speaking engagements felt a lot more like conversations,
  • your workshops, courses, & programs flowed naturally from beginning to end,
  • your branding & marketing materials made it crystal clear what your brand is about and what stands for,
  • and in every relationship-building opportunity, you felt confident enough to show off the real you!
And imagine reaching your sales goals all because you decided to put yourself and your story out into the world.

What People Are Saying

Dom brings a unique point of view to help you reach your passion and your purpose. 

She is an idea person that can communicate ideas both visually & verbally. That's really a unique skill to have. As a coach, she brings that creativity to the story.

Dom comes at it, “What purpose and passion do you have? Let’s express that.” To me that's so much more organic & authentic. 

I recommend her services to anyone who has a business or organization. And who needs to figure out how to tell their story in a way that expresses their passion, purpose, & why in a really powerful way that gets results.

Lori Jo Vest

Work Mom Says Podcast

Is this service right for you?

This service is for you if:
  • You’re in business because you want to improve the lives of others by sharing your own experiences.

  • Personal connections are more important to you than follower count and likes.

  • You’re ready to show up for your audience by putting yourself and your brand out there.

  • You’re open to trying new strategies and you’re willing to put real effort behind them.

  • You’re clear on where you want to share your story but not how to share it effectively.

  • You’d prefer a detailed plan by a professional over being told how to figure it out yourself. 

  • You invested in an assistant, social media manager, or creative support to help create content for you.

This service is not for you if:
  • You don’t know your audience yet.

  • You got into business purely to make money.

  • You’re hesitant to leave your comfort zone, show up for your business, or implement the storytelling plan outlined for you.

  • Your business is still just an idea and you don’t know what you want to do with it yet.
  • You haven't invested any creative support to help create content for you.

With A Story


You need a roadmap for sharing your story & the mini-stories to back it up.

Comprehensive Story Deep Dive

Story Delivery Plan w/ Brand Story Map

Story Management System

  • Story Library

  • 365 Content Ideas

  • Research for 1 Niche Keyword

  • Visual Content Planner

  • Content Tracker

3 Months of Weekly Office Hours

Monthly Coaching Sessions (3)

Investment: Starts at $7,000

(Payment plan available)

Custom packages are also available.

Hey Storyteller, I'm Dominique and I believe your story is worth sharing!

As a Brand Storytelling Coach, I help entrepreneurs and marketing professionals become confident storytellers so they can grow their audiences.

I’m also an advertising creative, content creator, and entrepreneur with a passion for using storytelling to make life (and business) easier and more enjoyable!

I believe in supporting people who genuinely care about improving the lives of others. 

And I know how difficult it can be to articulate exactly what you can do for your audience and to build a meaningful relationship with them so they become loyal clients and repeat customers.

Through your unique experiences, you have a powerful story to share. 


And since storytelling is one of the most common ways people connect with each other, it’s a natural, authentic way to connect with and grow your audience too!

The desire to add more balance, joy, and wellness into our lives and the lives of others means asking our clients to share some of the most intimate parts of their lives with us  — parts that often require vulnerability and transparency to actively seek help or support. 

Luckily, our stories can help us articulate what we do and why we're the right people to help them!

What People Are Saying

I feel more inspired to serve my ideal customers and to put myself out there. 

I feel more inspired to serve my ideal customers and to put myself out there. I also appreciate your realness, I feel like you are being yourself and that makes me feel comfortable with being me.

Dawn Whitehorn

The Conscious Vessel

With Authority With A Story,

you’ll get everything you need to effectively (& efficiently) create meaningful content of all kinds that helps you set yourself apart and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Investment: Starts at $7,000

(Payment plan available)

Custom packages are also available.



What is the Comprehensive Story Deep Dive?
The Comprehensive Story Deep Dive, helps me get a better understanding of who you are as a person and how we can best share you and your brand with your audience. You'll have the option of scheduling 1 four-hour session or 2 two-hour sessions.
How do I prepare for my Comprehensive Story Deep Dive?
You'll receive a questionnaire to be completed at least 5 business days before your session.
I recommend giving yourself two to three weeks to complete it.
The questionnaire helps me understand you, your business, your audience, and your goals better.
Will you create my content for me?
No, but I do provide you with content ideas and a story delivery plan to help you get started.
Will you write my brand story for me?
Let's talk about creating a custom package for you!
What's the turnaround time?
You can expect to receive your complete system within 21 business days after your Comprehensive Story Deep Dive session. Ongoing support starts after you've received your system.
Where can I share my brand story?
You can share your story
  • in your visual and video content,
  • on social media content,
  • in your emails and newsletters,
  • on your website and landing pages,
  • in your presentations, interviews, and pitches,
  • in your workshops, courses, and programs,
  • in your branding and marketing materials,
  • and in every relationship-building opportunity!
I have a great business idea, can you help me figure it out?
This service is for people who are clear on what they do, why they do it, and who they do it for but need help articulating it with their target audience.
I’m pivoting and unsure of my new direction, will you help me figure it out?
This service is for people who are clear on what they do, why they do it, and who they do it for but need help articulating it to their audience.

When you say, “entrepreneurs and content creators who help people add balance, joy, or wellness to their lives,” do you mean me?
Yes, if you work in (or with) industries including: 
  • physical health and wellness,
  • mental health and wellbeing,
  • civil and human rights,
  • spiritual healing and growth,
  • travel and event experiences,
  • life and home organizing and coaching, 
  • cannabis and plant medicines.

I have another question, how do I get in touch with you?
Email Dominique at

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