I believe your story

is worth


I’m Dominique Wilson and I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs use storytelling to grow their audience.


Like you, I was unsure of what to say to my audience. I was burnt out by never-ending content creation.


I was frustrated with complicated marketing advice. And I was starting to lose confidence in my business idea.


As an advertising creative, I’ve used storytelling for brands in automotive, home rental, small business services, hospitality, food service, and other industries.


As a content creator and coach, I’ve used my personal story to help people feel good about themselves through social media and in-person workshops.


Through both roles, I recognized the gap between what works for large, corporate brands and what works for small, personal brands. Ones often run by single-digit teams or even teams of one. 


I decided to help entrepreneurs who don't have:

  • the budget to hire an agency,

  • the perfect words to describe your vision,

  • nor the time to become a personal branding expert.


After we work together, you'll spend less time worrying about how to reach your audience and more time actually growing your business.

Ready to go from always anxious to always ready?

Let's talk about your business goals. Craft your brand story together. And make storytelling a natural part of your brand!

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