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I believe your story

is worth


Hey Storyteller! I’m Dominique Wilson — an advertising creative, coach, and entrepreneur with a passion for making life (and business) less stressful and more enjoyable using storytelling.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved storytelling.


I wrote tons of “books” as a child. I almost subconsciously share stories when making friends. My teaching style is filled with storytelling. And I find delight in knowing other people are comfortable sharing their stories with me too!

Unsurprisingly, I’ve always been fascinated by how much of our lives are centered around storytelling. And how much my passions and interests take full advantage of its power.

As an advertising creative, I’ve been studying brand stories, dissecting them, and finding opportunities to share them in as many ways as possible for over 10 years for some well-known national brands across a variety of industries.

As a Self Acceptance & Color Therapy Coach and content creator, I’ve been sharing my personal story to help people reimagine their lives so they feel good about themselves for over 7 years.

But despite storytelling being such a huge part of my personal and professional life, even I initially struggled with sharing my own story.


Through my advertising career and my own experience with sharing my personal story, I quickly noticed a huge gap between what works for large, corporate brands and what works for small, personal brands: ones often run by small teams, and even teams of one.

For this reason, I combined what I know and what I love to teach small business owners, entrepreneurs, and content creators how to become confident storytellers so they can grow their audiences.

Everyone has a story and I believe your story is worth sharing!

Let's connect on the blogInstagram, FacebookLinkedIn, or by email when you sign up for your copy of the 7 Powerful & Effective Ways to Share Your Brand Story guide.

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